The Panini Lab - Houston, TX
The Panini Lab - Houston, TX

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Delicious PANINI, Gelato, Coffee, and Pastries.

Why Panini ?


In Milan, there is a cult of the sandwich – a true religion unto itself. There are many reasons for this unbridled passion.

Born in the 80s was the cult of the ‘paninaro’ a social and cultural phenomenon that radically influenced the teenagers of that era. Young, carefree and hedonistic, teenagers would wear their fluoro Moncler jackets, Levi 501s rolled up, El Charro Belts, Timberlands, Ray Bans and so on. The phenomenon soon became known throughout Italy and led to the birth of magazines, films and television parodies. I grew up in Tuscany in the 80s as well and I also became a "Paninaro".  It was characterized by an obsession with designer clothing and passion for a good " Panino " 

In the decades since then, the panino played a pivotal role in the Italian culinary scene, and was showcased in the 2015 Milan Expo.

But maybe the main reason for the panino’s fame lies in the fact that the Milanese are always so busy and always in a hurry, and so they want something quick and easy. But also gourmet.

The Panini Lab was created with the intent of introducing this trend not only to Millennials and Foodies but to anyone who likes to explore Italy's wonderful flavors.

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Aperitivo Italiano


We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with a drink in your hand and some Appetizers ? Join us for our Aperitivo Italiano. Stay Tuned!

Who is behind " The Panini Lab " ?



Andrea Mazzoni was born and raised in Livorno, Tuscany. He moved to Houston in the late 90s and attended the University of Houston where he graduated in Hotel Restaurant Management. While in Italy, he grew up appreciating good food, wine and especially Panini. His passion for Panini led him to open the very first Authentic Italian " Paninoteca " in Houston. He created a menu where ingredients, vegetables, meats and cheeses have been meticulously selected and combined. Andrea holds a Certified Sommelier Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers and gained extensive Restaurant operational experience having served as a Food and Beverage Manager and Wine Director in the City's top Restaurants and Hotels such as ;  Da Marco Cucina e Vino. Steak 48, La Table Restaurant, Quattro at Four Seasons, Ristorante Cavour at Hotel Granduca and so on. 



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...where every Panino is a Discovery

Don't just read about us, come on in and have a Gourmet Panino with a glass of Wine! 

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The Panini Lab - Houston, TX

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